Monday, September 28, 2009

A Loss of Innocence

A conversation I had with Isaiah this morning: (keep in mind that he is 6 years old, and that 4-year-old Katie was in the room)

Isaiah: I don't think Santa is real. But I could be wrong.

Me, cautiously: Oh, really? Where do the presents come from?

Isaiah: I think there is someone in every country that dresses up like him and gives everybody presents . . . but I guess he'd have to be very rich . . . hmmmm, yeah, I don't think Santa is real. But I could be wrong.

Me, staring intently at the back of Katie's head: What makes you think he isn't real?

Isaiah: Well, it would be so hard to give presents to every kid in one night. How could he do that?

Me, a bit brighter than necessary: He's magic, remember? That's how he does it! No normal person could do it, but Santa can.

Isaiah, uncertainly and just a bit sarcastically: Yeah, magic. That's how Santa could be real.


Molly said...

HaHa! I can so picture your face just perfectly! I guess some things can't last forever, sadly...

Suzy said...

Oh no! He can't stop believing already. Just keep pushing magic to get through Christmas.