Monday, September 28, 2009

Max - 11 months

11 months

Loves: the computer (especially the keyboard and mouse, but the tower and cords are fun, too), stuffing food in mouth as quickly as possible, dancing to music, growling, biting, CD and/or tape players, getting into things and making a mess, bouncing on the trampoline, aquarium crib toy, washing hands
Hates: being strapped in or confined, naptime, waiting for milk, having anything taken away, being quiet, diaper changes
Milestones: sleeping through the night, making up own sign for washing hands, first haircut, last nursing (weaning), feeding self with spoon

Max, your nickname has become the Monster because you are such a wild, crazy beast! You growl and yell, bite, and destroy everything in your path. You are fast, and get into things almost the second we blink. You love to scatter anything in your path, but you are being so inquisitive learning about things that we can't really blame you. You are just as loving, smart, and adorable as you are crazy, and we love you! You have adjusted to taking a bottle quite well, though dropping that last daily feeding hasn't been fun for you. I'm not sure if it has coincided with teething (you're drooling like crazy), a growth spurt (you eat constantly, and yell if you aren't eating), or if it's just been difficult to stop nursing.

As hard as it was to let you cry the night we decided you needed to sleep through the night, we were thrilled that it only took that one night. Since then, it's almost been a month before you've awoken in the night again (and it's probably no coincidence that it was the two nights after weaning). You love washing your hands and ask to do it all the time. You are becoming much more proficient with your baby signs, doing a great job of getting your point accross, particularly when it has to do with food or a bottle.

One evening last week, when your hair was particularly crazy, I decided it was time to chop it off. Dad held you and I used the clippers to give you a new, short cut. Immediately I felt remorse, as you looked a year older instantly. As hard as it was for those first 24 hours, I now love your haircut, and am proud of my big boy.

Only one more month until you are a year old! I love you, my little Monster!


Kel said...

Wow, that haircut does make him look so much older - I love it! He sounds a lot like my little guy: destruction wherever he goes.

Molly said...

It's amazing what a haircut does to a baby!

Janea said...

I agree with the, he really does look like a totally different kid. So cute. I cannot believe it has been a year. =(