Monday, September 21, 2009

Special day for a special girl

Katie's birthday--September 16, 2009

I love this butterfly cake! Almost foolproof, which is a good thing for me. I found the design among a bunch of other super cute, really easy cakes at Katie was a big help in making the cake. She helped spread and place the candies. (Lucky for me, she is open to suggestion, or it would look pretty funny!)

And to make the cake easier to tote and serve at the park, we made the remaing cake batter in cupcakes and used the extra candy to decorate. It's amazing how much kids like candy on their cake!

Because I told the older kids their birthdays would be much lower-key this year, I gave them each a choice of a "special" place to take a couple of friends. I suggested to Katie we could get manicures, go out for ice cream, or go somewhere special for lunch or dinner. What did she want to do? Go to the new "spinny park!" (Can't argue with free!)

Yeah, Katie loves this thing; she had to be bribed to give anyone else a chance to spin on it.

Isaiah catching the spinner at a rare free moment.

Here are the kids enjoying their ice cream cones. This birthday was by far the easiest, lowest-stress one I've done for the kids, ever. (Of course, I did have a bit of criticsm for not having party favors . . . but really, do they need them? They still had fun!) One of the things I will do every birthday from now on was pre-scoop the ice cream into muffin cups and then re-freeze. I threw them into a little cooler to take to the park, then just transfered the scoops from the muffin cups onto sugar cones. It was so fast and so easy, and much less waiting, mess, and waste.

All three girls spinning! Whee!

Handsome Max, enjoying the park

Princess Katie

Happy four years old, Katie-girl!


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! I can't believe she's 4! Wow! Looks like a fun party like usual. Your cake is very pretty! I'm sure Katie loved it. It is very similar to Elle's but mine was cut into 4 pieces so it's a slightly different shape. It's fun to make cute cakes isn't it?

I got mine off of howdini:

Love that place! I got Mindy's barbie cake from there too. No pictures cuz my camera got stolen :(

Mama D said...

Looks like Katie had a great time at her party! Some of our best parties were at parks, too. Great cake!

Rachel said...

Colleen, Katie and I spent all morning watching the how-to videos on that site yesterday, they were so cool! I think it convinced Katie about the barbie cake (she thought it was the weirdest thing ever when I was trying to describe it to her). Now she wants to be a cake decorator when she grows up ;)