Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Favorites - It's all about the hair

It's pretty vain of me to be as obsessed about Katie's hair as I am. But I'm not going to apologize for it because I love, love, love her hair, and doing her hair up pretty is one of the things in life that truely makes me happy.

Here are some new favorites:

Goody's "petite" bobby pins (I found them at WalMart). I love the shorter length for Katie's hair because regular bobby pins are just too long.
These "braiding rubber bands" from Sally Beauty Supply. I can't even tell you how much I think these are wonderful!! We have tried every type of rubber band known to man, from Target, WalMart (four different kinds from WalMart), and even Family Dollar. I know I got another kind from Sally before, too. But they all sucked. I actually don't mind the ones that you find in the baby section at WalMart, but I have to double them up. And they cost twice as much as these ones you can find at Sally (you can save even more if you have a Sally's card), so it's like it costs four times as much when I use them. And I really like that these are clear because we are always out of pink and have way too many red and blue ones when we buy the colored ones .

It's been a while since I've posted my favorite hairdos, so here are some from over the summer and up to the present:

French Braid Loops

Don't these pictures make you miss summer?! As much as I'm loving cooler weather, I'm not looking forward to the weather a month from now. This is my favorite easy but impressive-looking do's. Two french braids, then loop them up and rubber band them at the nape of the neck. Fluff out the ends and add bows (or flower clips--these are my favorites, aren't they so full and pretty?). This is a great 'do for a swimming party because it looks really cute and fancy, but you can pull out the bows and loops and it's a great "hold-the-hair-out-of-the-eyes" 'do, too.


So fast and so easy, I taught Adam to do them (not that he ever will!).

Ribbon Headband

(Don't mind the blurry face shot--Katie hates when the camera "blinks" at her, so she's always dark and blurry in pictures.)


This took way to long for the final product, but I still thought it was pretty cute.

(these final pictures were taken today)
I finally convinced Katie to let me curl her hair!! And isn't it just stunning?! Katie and I were looking at Curlformers on Babes in Hairland, and I think those beautiful curls convinced her that it was worth taking the time to do her own hair that way. After watching a demo on YouTube of Curlformers, I went to Sally myself and drooled over them. I really don't mind using the curling iron on Katie for ringlets (I have pretty good control and vision of the hair on the back of her head), but I would really love them for my hair. However, the $60 price tag is just too steep for me to just go out and buy them (I'm so cheap with things like that!), so we're using the curling iron for now. But Katie and I both are hoping Santa has a Sally's card and delivers some to our house this Christmas ;)

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LeAnn said...

Katie has such beautiful hair! Is it true that those Sally elastics don't break the hair? I really ruined Kirsten's hair with those glittery elastics from the baby section at Walmart. She has a lot of short fly aways in the front so I've gone back to the simple clip on the side--BoRiNg! lol