Sunday, October 11, 2009

Troy's BBQ

We ate out for dinner last night, which actually turned out to be more inconvenient than convenient, but more fun than staying home. We decided in our spontaneous mood to try something new: Troy's BBQ. It was a really fun experience, and I loved it so much I whipped out my iPhone and took pictures, knowing I was going to blog a review after only a few bites. (Remember, I used my iPhone to take pictures, I realize they're awful . . . I think they still add to my review because some things you just have to see.)

It was a different kind of restaurant than we had been to before, the atmosphere of a hole-on-the-wall kind of place with really unique and fun decor, like this tailgate bench to sit on while you wait to order.

You can dine inside or outside, and right now the weather is perfect for outdoor dining! The food had unusual names like "yanked pork" or "dirty rice," which actually made it taste better, I think. Here's my plate, I mean basket:

I had the 2 meat combo, with yanked pork and bodacious brisket, leek rings and potato salad on the side. You can see our order of yanked pork nachos in the middle of the table. Adam had the 3 meat combo with the same meat choices as me plus the bbq chicken, with fries and dirty rice on the side. The kids each tried one of the two kids meal choices: Katie had bbq chicken and Isaiah had grilled cheese. (Max ate off our plates--he loved everything!)

What we'd recommend:
Our favorite meat was the brisket, but the pulled pork was good, too. The nachos were amazing, and the salsa was even better (so good, but pretty hot, beware). We didn't try all the dipping sauces, but we did like the liquid gold--kinda sweet and tangy, like honey mustard. If you go, be prepared to get a doggy bag. If your not a big eater, you might want to share a plate. The kids meals were pretty right-sized, though. The biggest surprise to me was the leek rings. They were really good, like a twist on onion rings. I'd definitely recommend them.

What we'd skip next time:
The chicken, and maybe the dirty rice. The dirty rice had a really different flavor, not bad, but not your everyday rice, so you should try it and make up your own mind.

Bottom line:
Very yummy food, memorable atmosphere, a new favorite.


LeAnn said...

You're making me hungry!

Shelli said...

That basket is LOADED with food! Holy cow! How were the prices? It looks like fun and Ben loves, loves, loves BBQ, so we'll have to try it out!

Rachel said...

Shelli, the prices are higher than we anticipated--both mine and Adam's were $12 each (or was it $12.99?). The kids meals were $5. As you can see, you could easily share a 3 meat combo (mine was just a 2 meat combo, and I had enough for two full meals). I had my leftovers today for lunch . . . a bit drier, but just as tasty!