Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 2, Friday: Creamy Rice With Roasted Shrimp

Wherein I ignore the fact that our family hates tomatoes . . . .

This recipe was the first one where I departed from the actual ingredients, and not just because I couldn't find something. You see, it called for a cup of dry white wine. Those of you who know my standards know that we don't drink alcohol. Adam and I have no problem cooking with a tablespoon of wine, but a whole cup of wine?! In something I will feed my children? Nope. (And don't tell me it cooks off; the recipe says it will be absorbed, plus there's this and a zillion other sites out there that I've found proving that myth wrong.) So, looking for the best substitution, I came up with chicken broth. So, my disclaimer on this recipe review is the following: I can't actually say how it should taste because I substituted a major flavor. There. Now you know.

That said, the rice was the yummiest part of the dish. I probably won't cook Arborio (pearl, or risotto rice) often because it costs so much more, but since I have some in my pantry now, I will cook it again. It was delish!

The roasted shrimp was great (I probably should have given it a minute or two more, but still great), and the tomatoes were robust. The thyme added an essential flavor, so I'm glad I splurged for the fresh sprigs.

Here's the plate:


Will make the rice again. If I choose to cook shrimp again, I may roast it. Will not make the full recipe with tomatoes.

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