Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 2, Thursday: Goat Cheese Omelet

Week 2, Thursday: Goat Cheese Omelet

Do you know how hard it is to find goat cheese in the St. George area?! I went to three stores before I found one of the last three packages of goat cheese at Albertson's. Luckily we had this meal late in the week, and I already had to go to the store every day for one reason or another (Max's birthday party is this weekend, there was a party tonight, and I have stuff tomorrow as well--just a busy week) so I just looked wherever I happened to be.

Another new adventure: arugula. I was forewarned that it is really bitter, but Adam and I liked it fine. It's also supposed to be a palate cleanser. That's our pretty salad on the left:

Another thing I learned while making this meal, which probably is obvious to everyone but me, is to use a rubber spatula when making omelets. I have never figured out how to lift an omelet with a regular spatula (pancake-turner), and now I know I was using the wrong tool!

In conclusion:
Adam, Max, and I all gave it a thumbs up, as long as you use one-quarter the amount of green onions. Isaiah and Katie gave it two thumbs down. I especially enjoyed our sourdough baguette. If I ever find goat cheese on sale (assuming I can find goat cheese at all) I'll make it for a nice breakfast or brunch for us as a couple (and the kids can have scrambled eggs!).

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Suzy said...

I don't know how to say this liked the arugula? I've tried it a couple times and just can't eat it. Good for you. BTW, I'm loving your food expeditions as of late.