Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 2, Tuesday: Steak With Potato-Parsnip Mash

How more familiar and simple can you get than steak and mashed potatoes? Well, apparently, it wasn't familiar enough:

Max: "No, no! Those potatoes taste awful!"

Katie, after finishing off the meat, refuses to eat more than a taste of the mash, and instead chooses cold cereal for dinner.

Not a hard dinner, even with peeling and cutting the potatoes and parsnips. I chose to dish up the kids' mash before adding the scallions seeing as how they are quite picky and I knew that would ruin it for them. Sure enough there were all kinds of moans and groans when they saw the garnish (but they were relieved when I let them pick it off). Here's what their plates looked like:

Even leaving the green onions out, the parsnips were too strong-tasting to make the mash palatable for them. Even Adam had to choke it down (I got a resounding thumbs-down reaction from him). The steak was good, nice and juicy, but there wasn't anything special about this steak, just seasoned and pan-fried.
Here's my plate:

Bottom line:
Now I know how long to expect steak to take to cook, and I know that parsnips must be cut to half the size of potatoes to cook in the same amount of time. But that's about all I can take from this dinner. But tomorrow-soup! Mmmmm . . .


Suzy said...

Your review isn't glowing, so all I can say is kudos to all who tried it.

Crafty P said...

I'm loving all these dinner reviews- and you're making me feel SOOOOO much better about the fact that my kids don't eat a lot of what I cook. so frustrating.

ps i love parsnips... roast them with carrots, next time! or slice them thin and saute in butter (Oh YUM!)