Monday, November 23, 2009

The Full Monte

Friday night Anne and Jeremiah and I went out for dinner at Copper Creek Pub & Grub. It was very busy, but the food was (mostly) really great. Our reason for going was Anne's craving for a Monte Cristo. I had never had or seen a Monte Cristo, so this was something I wasn't going to miss: turkey, ham, Swiss and American cheeses, battered and fried and served with powdered sugar and raspberry jam.

Anne said it tasted like "breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in a sandwich," or "savory stuffed French toast." I tasted it, and I have to agree, it was pretty amazing--really delicious in a surprising way.

I had a turkey and avocado sandwich, that was absolutely perfect in every way.

And Jer ordered the special: fish and chips. Unfortunately, when he bit into his fish he was unpleasantly surprised to find salmon under the batter. A weird choice of fish for fish and chips, for sure, and not in a good way when you don't like salmon (like Jer).

It was a fun experience, and interesting to try somewhere (and something) out of the ordinary.

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Molly said...

This sounds like something a pregnant woman would love.