Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Die Trying

Today I was driving behind a businessman talking intently on his cell phone, probably about something very important. In lettering at the top of his rear window was the motto "Die Trying." I thought it was an interesting life motto, and not the worst out there.

It made me wonder if I had to boil my life into a short phrase what it would be. I'm not sure yet. I'll think about it.

What about you? Do you have a motto in life? What is it?


Suzy said...

I'm interested to read what your motto is when you come up with one. I've had one for quite a few years, "Love the life you live." I try to abide by it every day.

Mama D said...

I like Suzy's motto!

Mine is: "Endure well enough for now." Enduring to the end can seem daunting and big and never-ending. But "well enough for now" puts it into "one step at a time" pieces that are more manageable! It has made a huge impact on my attitude and ability to handle my challenges.

Rachel said...

Both of you have great mottos! I was thinking last night right along the same line as you, Michelle (I probably got it from you--didn't you talk about that at MM?). I would like to have a motto like, yours, though Suzy. I think it shows a sense of contentment with how you are living (not only how you're striving to be). I'll work on it some more.