Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(Stuff I've Forgotten to Blog About - Day 2) R2D2

After months of struggling with cleaning up his Legos, Isaiah came to us with a brilliant idea. "Call Uncle Shane," he said. "He's an engineer, he can design something to clean up my Legos!" (I don't know where this came from, but somehow he understands what Shane does for a living, and insists that anytime Dad can't do something, Uncle Shane must be able to.) So, an email was sent. And a reply was sent. And later that week, Adam and Isaiah came home from the pawn shop with the great solution to all our Lego problems:

It's name is R2D2 (aka Shop Vac) and it does an amazing job of cleaning up Legos.

On the flip side, though, it only took one time to figure out that the hose put on the opposite hole blows Legos out, creating what Isaiah calls "Lego fireworks," and what I call a giant mess.
Good thing we have something to clean all those Legos up.


Janea said...

Oh yeah, cause they sure HURT when you step on them. :)

Shane Ellis said...

Alright! When I recommended a shop vac I wasn't sure if you would take it seriously. Glad to see that you did and that it works.

Mama D said...

Wise Uncle Shane to the rescue! Lego fireworks must be a delight for Isaiah, but I agree with your "giant mess" designation. Hooray for R2D2!

Molly said...

So funny! Boy that Uncle Shane is a genius!