Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 4, Monday: Salmon With Lemon-Cilantro Vinaigrette

Another new favorite:

I've told you before that we're not a fishy family, so here was another really novel experience: salmon. Went over very well, especially considering that we have tried couscous, and not with much success. I found the butcher to be especially helpful with getting a good cut of meat (too bad I didn't realize it was supposed to be skinless, and had to skin the fillet at home-yuck!), and was pleased with how easy it was to season and cook the salmon. It did cook quickly, so that is something to remember when I'm looking for something fast.

Here's the delicious dish:

And my final thoughts:
I will cook the salmon again (when it's on sale--it was $8 a lb!), and the vinaigrette was a good complement. However, we have already established a dislike for couscous in our family, so I will probably pair it with rice next time.

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LeAnn said...

This one sounds simple and delicious and we love salmon at our house. I never have to buy it anymore because my friend's mom ships it to us from Washington. So generous!!!

I have a few really yummy recipes for baked salmon, if you're interested.