Monday, April 26, 2010


Isaiah's been seeing an orthodontist for a while now (ever since he had his first "shark tooth" growing in behind his baby teeth).  After having a few consultations over the last year, I'd kind of forgotten what purpose they had until we went in a few weeks ago, and Dr. Beckstrom said, "I want to see him back . . . oh, about August . . . and well put on some braces."  Gasp!  Braces!  Already!  Poor kid, his teeth are really so crowded.  About two weeks ago he had four teeth (five if you count the one that was about to fall out on its own) pulled to make room for his permanent teeth. 



He was so brave at the dentist, waving me off to head to the library while he sucked down laughing gas and played his DS (it's right across the street, and I was only gone about 20 minutes, tops).  I came back and checked on him and he had even fallen asleep and slept through them filling his cavity.  Unfortunately, he woke up to them pulling the teeth.  Even still, he was super brave and held still.  Isaiah was really proud of all those teeth, they were "so cool!"  So cool, in fact, that the tooth fairy couldn't find them that night.  It turned out he had hidden them.  We discussed it with him, and he decided to leave her a note:


Shelli said...

That note is adorable. Those teeth are SCARY looking (the ones in the case- not his mouth!).

Becky said...

That note is so cute! I love when little kids tell me they lost a tooth. I then proceed to chide them: "How could you loose a tooth?" "The tooth fairy took it? Did you call the police?" "Do you think the tooth fairy would pay me for my teeth?" hehe It's so fun! You can tell I don't have kids the way I pester them so much!

LeAnn said...

I love in the drawing how the tooth fairy says "ok, dang it!"

This reminds me, last week Tyler lost a tooth at school and left it there accidentally. I hope it's still there and he's not waiting on the tooth fairy... lol

Suzy said...

He's so brave to have his teeth pulled! I love the note too.

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

Too cute! And he has great writing! What a brave man!

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

Too cute! And he has great writing! What a brave man!