Monday, September 20, 2010

Katie is 5! (A very pink post . . .)

My Katie girl has turned 5!  I am amazed at how quickly she is becoming a little lady.  She is my best shopping buddy, my biggest helper (usually), and has the best sense of humor and easy going attitude of our kids.  She is very smart and verbal, and has always been inquisitive.  I hope she is always trying to figure out "why" (but I hope she learns some other ways besides asking every 5 minutes!). 

Miss Katie is our princess, and loves being girly.  She would prefer to wear a dress every day, but wearing dresses and being pretty doesn't stop her from a lively sword fight, Bakugan battle, or mad Lego session.  She has always looked up to Isaiah and I hope he continues to look out for her and set a good example for her. 

This birthday is the birthday of pink.  Pinkalicious to be exact.  If you don't know what Pinkalicious is, you need to read the book.  You won't be disappointed, it is a darling story that is great for emphasizing how great it is to be yourself. 

Check out our Pinkalicious!

And our pinkalicious decorations:

And here are our beautifully pink guests:

We had lots of fun decorating pink crowns and star wands,

then we headed in to read the book. 

After all the girls were clear on the story we could play some games!  We played "pin the green stuff on Pinkalicious,"

"hot cupcake,"

and we had a (very short) pinata. 

(Whoops!  Did you miss it?  That's about how short it was!  Katie opened it on the first pull!)  While the girls enjoyed their candy, Katie opened her presents.  Then we dished up cupcakes and strawberry ice cream and the girls sang to Katie. 

(We also enjoyed pink cookies and pink lemonade.)  It was such a fun day, and Katie is still coming down from the pinkalicous high she was on Friday! 

A special shout out goes to Shelli for being the most excellent helper of the day, and for lending me her camera when my lens decided to stop autofocusing (and who can take candids while trying to manually focus?!).  I couldn't have survived the pink overload without her! 


The Yoder's Four said...

Happy birthday, Katie! My daughter would die to have such a pink party. So fun!!

Shelli said...

yay for pink and yay for Katie! We sure love her. It was a fun party and I was glad to be able to attend.

I didn't realize that Pinkalicious is now a brand! They have Pinkalicious dolls, dress-ups, curtains, 4 wheeler, and even a few more books! I had no idea until I went to walmart Sat. night. Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink is another cute book I read today.

Stephanie said...

VERY cute! I love all the pink. You are good at party planning.

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Katie! So cute, everything looks perfect!

Kelie said...

Darling Darling! It turned out so cute! I bet all of the girls were in heaven!