Friday, September 17, 2010

Nesting Project #2: Car Seat Canopy

It seems like with every baby I have there is the cool new baby product that everybody wants to have--mostly because it's such a good idea and so useful, but partly because it's trendy and a fashion statement.  The hooter hider was it with Max, and it seems like this time around it's the car seat canopy.  I see them everywhere, and there are so many cute variations.  Here's mine:

And, of course, the matching burp cloths:

I used this tutorial at as a basis for mine, although I looked at the one at our local Ace Hardware's craft section for ideas (hence the rickrack).  Here's the tutorial for the flowers on the straps, and I just made covered buttons for the centers.  I have admit that I could have probably bought one off Etsy for cheaper, since I bought the fancy fabric at Quilted Works (at full price, gasp!), but I really love it, and it always means more when you make it yourself, right? 


The Yoder's Four said...

Love it!! I have a huge pile of fabric waiting to be transformed into some of those. (I have over a dozen pregnant friends right now...) Your baby is going to be stylin'! :)

Echolaylee said...

It doesn't matter if you could have bought it for cheaper, you are amazing. And there is no way you could have found one that goes so well with the fabric of your car seat! I think it's great, and I've even seen it in person!