Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lily - 5 months

five months

approximately 13.2 lbs
(according to the bathroom scale)

Likes:  tickles, peek-a-boo, "this little piggy," "airplane" above Mom's head, grabbing and shaking toys, chewing on Mom's finger, flirting: catching anyone's eye and smiling, playing on the floor, pulling the musical toy on the bouncer, standing, diaper changes, music, pulling Mom's hair, giving "kisses"
Dislikes: going to bed, being swaddled (although it's necessary to stay asleep), being left alone for even a minute or two, being held by anyone other than Mom, Dad, Katie or Isaiah, sitting in a "seat" (car seat or bouncer) for more than a few minutes, loud noises/commotion
Milestones: first illness (RSV), rolling front to back consistently, scooting/rolling to turn while on back, first tastes (soft food from Mom's plate)

Lulu, we've had a hard month.  You were so sick with RSV, and it was the most scary thing to hear you wheeze and gasp for breath.  It was really hard to hold you down at the suction clinic so they could suction you out, and so sad to listen to you cry all the way there and all the way home so many times.  In all, we went for 10 days, and 3 or 4 of them we went twice.  The good thing was that you never had a fever or an ear infection, so you didn't have to have medicine (you really hate medicine!), and you never stopped eating or got dehydrated.  I'll never forget how kind the people in the bronchiolitis clinic were, even the other parents in the waiting room. 

As sad and scary as that was, we've also had some fun.  You haven't had too much opportunity to play on the floor at all, let alone have tummy time, so I've been making up for that the last couple of weeks.  It definitely means I have to watch you more carefully to keep you safe from your brothers and sister (especially Max), but you are finally getting a chance to roll around and play.  You like to look in the mirror, and you roll onto your side to turn yourself to a different position from the one I lay you down in.  I was so surprised to pick you up from a nap one day and you were perpendicular to the way I'd laid you down to sleep! 

I love you, sweet girl, and I'm looking forward to more milestones as you keep growing!

P.S.  For a laugh, compare Miss Lily at 5 months to Mr. Max at 5 months

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The Yoder's Four said...

I can't believe she's 5 months already! Love her round cheeks!! Hope everyone's healthy and back to normal. RSV is the pits!