Monday, June 27, 2011

Lily - 9 months

15 lbs 4 oz
29 inches

Likes: reading board books, "singing" along with Mom, playing on the floor (especially scooting around to pick things up), eating everything, tasting new foods (especially finger foods), Katie, Daddy, "honking" noses, being held by mom, the phone, swimming/splashing,
Dislikes: being held by other people, going to bed, laying still for diaper changes, being put into the carseat, green beans, peas, crackers, applesauce, and bananas
Milestones: first baby signs (more, all done), waves hello and bye-bye, clapping, pushes up onto hands and knees, first and second teeth (bottom front), scooting/army crawling, pushes up to sit, crawls on hands and knees (a few "steps"), shakes head "no" and nods "yes"

Lily, so much has happened over the past three months, you're almost a totally different baby!  You can get anywhere you want (even down the hall to different rooms), and you know how to tear apart a room in a few minutes.  You love to play on the floor, and frequently choose to be put down (hallelujah!), but still prefer for Mom to hold you.  You love to play with your brothers and sister, and have become much more interactive now that you can clap, point and grab and imitate words.  You started learning to fall asleep on your own, then had some teeth come in that made you so cranky, so we've had to start all over learning to go to sleep. 

You eat everything you find on the floor, you are the most likely to choke on something of all my babies.  And while I've given you finger foods from the beginning, you still gag during most every meal, poor thing.  You make the most entertaining faces, and are so fun to watch.  You make the same "scrunchy face" that Katie made as a baby, and you still love to stick your tongue out all the time.  You also engage the neighbor kids or whoever is sitting behind us in church in games of nodding and shaking heads, as well as peekaboo. 

You are very aware and I love spending time just with you because I notice how much you are picking up on.  You "sing" along any time I am singing ("ahhhhhh"), even in another room, and you'll often wave your arms to "lead" the music, too, like I do in Relief Society.  When I say a word to you, you repeat it, and it often sounds just like what I am saying ("done," "dad," "hi," "bye-bye," "honk," etc.).  When I read The Going to Bed Book to you, you start rocking when I get to "...they rock and rock and rock to sleep." 

You don't laugh readily and when you do laugh it sounds rough, like it's difficult for you to do.  But I love when you do because it's all the more special because you don't do it often.  I can hardly believe how quickly the time is going; before long you'll be a year old! 

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