Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Day

Adam wasn't feeling well at Christmas, and since it was Sunday as well and we had to get dressed and ready for church we were a little off our usual game.  I think it was still a good day, but I am a little sad that we didn't remember to take pictures at my mom's (she made a beautiful dinner for us, with china and everything), and that we didn't get to visit with Adam's family on Christmas.  And I completely forgot to get a shot of everyone dressed up, we all matched.  At least the kids had a good day!  Here are some of my favorite shots of them reacting to and playing with their gifts.  (Yes, I am in the background in a lot of these.  We lost our p&s camera briefly over Christmas, and couldn't take any video without it unless it was on a phone.  So Adam was taking still shots, and I was using a phone to video...I know I look super awesome, haha!) 

Hope your Christmas was fun, happy, and filled with the spirit of the Savior! 

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