Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Eve

Every year we spend most of the day with Adam's family on Christmas Eve.  It is a blast and we love being together, playing eating.  We have come up with several traditions over the years that the kids look forward to, and we always have great memories of.  We make sure to remember the reason for the season, and the children act out the nativity.  We have a talent show, which ranges from the silly to the downright amazing.  There is the white elephant gift exchange.  (Ironically, Adam and I usually have our white elephant gifts planned out way in advance, much better than a lot of the actual serious Christmas gifts we give.)   And of course we eat.  Yum! 

This year, Adam was the photographer most of the time, and we got some great shots.  We also missed some things, but I think it's worth it to have a different perspective.  It's also kind of cool that I'm in some of the pictures!  Here are some of my favorite shots from Christmas Eve:

the cousins playing in the yard

Lily watching the kids play from the balcony

silly boys!

cute girls!

the kids playing bingo for their gift exchange

Lily, the littlest angel

Isaiah, a shepherd

Katie, an angel

I was so impressed with how reverent and attentive Max was as Joseph! 

See how gentle and sweet he was with "Baby Jesus?"  He really took his role seriously :)

the best group shot of the Nativity
 I am so grateful that we have family nearby to share all these memories and traditions with!  There is nothing that makes the holidays as memorable and filled with love as being with family. 

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