Thursday, January 19, 2012

Printable Door Sign: Yes, We Can Play/Sorry We Can't Play

We live in an awesome neighborhood.  I love our neighborhood.  There is a good mix of young, middle, and older families, people are so kind and friendly, and there are so many kids in the neighborhood to play with.  I love that we live on quiet street and I can send the kids out to ride their bikes or walk to the bus stop without worrying every second because even if I run into the house to get something, the neighbors watch out for my kids, too.  Everyone is out walking, playing, riding bikes all the time, and it's really idyllic. 

Because there are so many kids to play with, we get very frequent knocks on our door, at all times of the day.  And while I hate to turn the kids away when we can't play, sometimes we can't play.  But I also don't like discouraging the kids because the more they are told no, the less likely they are to come back when my kids can play. Shelli told me once about putting a stop sign on her door to let the neighborhood kids know when they can't play, so I decided to make one of my own. 

The stop sign for when kids are napping, we are eating dinner, the kids are doing their chores, or we are having family time. 

The go sign for when the kids are free to play. 

I printed the go sign on the back of the stop sign, then laminated it (with the nifty new laminating machine I got for Christmas!) and punched holes in it to hang on Command hooks.  The kids flip the sign when they get home from school, or when they finish their chores, etc.  I originally attached magnets to the first one I made, but my door ended up not being metal, so I used the hooks.  Also, we've had this sign hanging on our door for months now, way before I got my laminating machine.  I just slipped the page into a page protector and hung it from the holes on that.  When it gets windy it tends to blow off the door, so we've bent the hooks up a little to prevent that. 

I've gotten lots of compliments about our door sign for the neighborhood friends, so I thought I would make it available for all of you who might want it in easy-to-print format.  Click on the links below to download and print the PDF.  This is no professional piece of graphic design, keep that in mind.  If I was going to take my time to do it right it would not be pixelated at all, and the colors would be consistent and even, etc.  But I think it's better to actually get it up here than never do it because it isn't perfect.  Maybe one of my more design-talented friends would like the project.

Click here to download the stop sign

Click here to download the go sign


Shelli said...

I was just thinking that I need to make a new sign and now I don't have to! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Thank you! You just saved my sanity!

DeWitts said...

I know this is a year old post but I found it on pinterest and I really appreciate the quick, easy solution I've been needing. Thanks!