Saturday, February 4, 2012


A few days ago Max decided he was ready for lunch and was going to surprise me by making his own sandwich.  He has surprisingly sophisticated tastes for a 3-year-old, and I think he was hoping to have something other than pb&j (he got into a habit of asking for grilled cheese every day a few months ago, I think just to avoid peanut butter sandwiches!).  He pulled out uncooked tortillas, layered deli turkey, green leaf lettuce, sprigs of cilantro, and grated Parmesan on them and folded them up to make his awesome "sandwich." 
Believe it or not, he ate almost the whole thing!  Yum....  (I did offer him a chicken salad sandwich after this, which he ate a bit of, but mostly just because he likes it.  I think he actually was already full!) 

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