Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Pajama Shirt

I picked up a pajama shirt on the clearance rack at Target a while back, and who knew it would be such a find? I love, love, love it.  As in, I never want to take it off, I do a load of laundry just so I can put it back on again, and I sigh with pleasure when I pull it over my head before going to bed.  Seriously.  The best. fabric. ever.  I will be scouring Target for anything else made of this fabulous, oh-so-soft, comfy fabric....

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Stephanie said...

I CAN NOT wait to live by Target again. Some of my favorite things come from the clearance rack at Target.

p.s. Thank you for your thoughts about safety. You were one of the people that I was hoping would have some ideas for me. I really value your opinion. Thanks!