Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is Titus.

Many of you who are friends with me on Facebook have already "met" Titus, but he deserved a blog post regardless.

Titus is a 17-week-old cairn/Yorkie mix. My friend, Enjoli, needed to find him a good home, and since we'd been looking for a new pet after finding a new home for our guinea pigs, we decided to "try him out" over Halloween weekend. We liked him, so he came to live with us.

Yesterday was his first day of puppy training class. He had a bit of a rocky start (he was pretty freaked out by Ashley, the full-grown lab who was the demo dog for the class), but by the end, he was jumping around, tussling with his new friends, Princess and Tucker. This week we're working on him learning his name, walking on a loose leash, and the command "Look." Adam has already taught him to sit, and we're making great strides in house training (usually only one-two accidents in the day, and we're learning his cues for needing to go out). He's still jumpy, nippy, and barks at unfamiliar noises and people. Hopefully puppy class and consistent training will help with all these things.

Titus, caught mid-run, playing fetch in the tunnel.

Despite the work that is required in caring for a puppy (and the accidents!), we love Titus and are glad that he's come to live at our house.

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