Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Days of School

Isaiah started second grade Wednesday, August 11.  He's in Mrs. Thomas's class, and so far seems to be doing great!  (Of course SEPs are Thursday, then we'll really have a better idea.)  He was a lot more excited about the idea of school than the reality, but he is having fun playing with friends at recess again.  Here he is on the first day as he's leaving for the bus:

Today was Katie's first day of her second year at Aunt Shelli's preschool.  She was much more nervous this year than last year since her cousin Keirra went to Kindergarten and wasn't there with her.  But after she warmed up and started playing she felt a little better.  I think we're still excited to go on Thursday!  Here she is in her new "school dress" as we arrived at preschool: 

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Stephanie said...

They are so cute! And so old! I love Katie's knee-socks. I would totally wear them if I could. We need to come down for a visit!

And btw, you look as pregnant as I do at 20 weeks so just relax. You are tiny.